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Expecting a baby is such an incredible time, and before you know it your newborn will be here - and in the blink of an eye the newborn stage is over, before you really had time to appreciate it.


We specialise in creating images that allow you to always remember those newborn features that fade so quickly. Giving you the opportunity to re-live those early days over and over again.


Fill in the form below to register for your signature newborn experience. 

If selected, you will receive:
  • A pre-consultation at the studio before baby arrives,
  • - Exclusive use of the studio for 2-4 hours (working entirely at baby's pace).

  • We will typically work through a range of poses as part of our beanbag flow, 1-3 props and parent/sibling poses (if required).

  •  Full session styling in a range of colour schemes at your request.

  • -Unlimited (hot) tea/coffee or water/squash.

  •  A cinema style viewing appointment where you will get to see and select your images for purchase. We will guide you through our options, putting together a bespoke order tailored to your needs.

  • £100 towards products for your home.

The Newborn Studio

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Our clients love the process of working with our international multi award winning team.


Enjoy lifelong lasting portraits, and display them in your home.

What our clients say...


Where do I start…

From the moment we walked into the studio to the moment we left we were treated like royalty. I was a little nervous at first wondering whether I was being ‘unfair’ putting my newborn through a photo shoot of this length. However this feeling went as soon as we arrived… you were both so caring, gentle and loving towards us all. I love the fact that you have children yourself and can relate to us new parents.

The shoot was so very sleek and on times you knew what we wanted before we did, which was paramount being a new parent surviving on zero sleep. You honestly went above and beyond.

We loved the modern way in which you worked and no request was to much…. We loved our very own tiktok video, keep doing this it’s fab!

I don’t really have the words to describe how amazing are final products are, they are none other than perfect and we LOVE them. Yes perhaps these are more costly than other local, basic photographers or online retailers and we were told we were bonkers spending so much on photography but the time, effort and quality provided to us from day 1 is worth a million pounds.

We have invested in photography at its best and that’s amplified studios!!

Thank you all.

Mum, dad, Ronan and baby Rocco x


After participating in a raffle at the Bijou Baby Fair last year, I won the first (and best) prize of a newborn shoot with Amplified Studio!

Once Sully was born we were booked in to do a newborn shoot when he was exactly 2 weeks old. The team were incredible and demonstrated their experience immediately in helping to settle Sully. I was actually dealing with mastitis at the time and Sully wasn’t a morning settler. Everyone had commented from day 1 at how alert Sully was and so winding him down for a sleep for the photos was no easy task. The team even expeditiously dealt with not one, but two, poo-splosions during positioning much to our amusement as we watched on, hot beverages in hand (probably the first hot cuppa I’d managed since becoming a Mummy!).

They cracked on at admirable speed through the shots, changing backgrounds and props in line with our chosen colour schemes.

It came to the parent pics with Sully and we were hesitant because we’re both rather awkward in front of the camera and to be honest, I wasn’t overly keen on documenting the baby weight I was still carrying. They showed us a portfolio of parent shots and we couldn’t resist. Thankfully, they know all the good poses and they know how to capture the moment to create beautiful photos (without drawing any attention to the bags under your eyes).

We then returned to view the photos and pick our faves. The photos are absolutely mind-blowing and we are so pleased with them.

Thank you Amplified Studio... we shall see you for the 1st birthday shots!!

ezra copy.jpg

Do you want to win?

We have just received our photos back from our newborn session and they are absolutely incredible. I will admit a newborn shoot was never something I really considered in much detail and when we were bought this as a gift I was excited but didn't really know what to expect. Sally and Jordan could not have been more accommodating if they tried, from talking you through what's going on to handing you coffee and snacks. Sally is absolutely amazing with babies, you really can tell how much experience she has with newborns. I didn't feel nervous about her positioning Ezra at all, she has an incredible way with babies and I wish we could of taken her home!! Jordan knew exactly how to position the babies and props etc I was dreading the couple shot we had as I hate being in front of the camera but I am glad we did it because not only did Jordan make us feel completely at ease when taking the photos and telling us what to do, but it was amazing to see how small the baby looked in the first few days. His photos are out of this world and it's amazing to see how they position the baby, i was filling up just watching them put Ezra into his first pose - never mind when the finished photos came back!! I would highly recommend Amplified, it's amazing to document your babies early days, and the quality of the shots here are better than anything I have ever seen. And the products on offer are unique and not something I've ever come across before. But more importantly, you feel completely comfortable here and you feel happy that your child is safe at all times. The guys are both professional and friendly, it was such an incredible experience and a joy to watch you work, I cant thank you enough!!