The Restaurant Analogy

The title of this post is a little strange, right? Bare with me!

Firstly, what is included in a newborn session with Amplified Studio?

1. A consultation appointment prior to the birth of your baby. At this 30-60 minute appointment, we discuss everything from your excitement and how prepared and nervous you may be, right through to the details of the session. i.e what to expect from us, how everything works, you will get to see and feel our products and you get to see our studio space. Plus you get to know us and our dynamic. Essentially, it's our way of building a relationship with our clients. Being the type of studio we are, this is so important to us.

2. Flexibility. Did you know that just 5% of babies arrive on their due date? Our diary is built around babies 'poor timekeeping'. So, when you secure a space in our diary, you will be one of only 10 for that due month. Baby arrives early? No problem. Late? Absolutely fine. Your session will be scheduled when baby makes an appearance. All you need to do, is give us a quick call!

3. Exclusivity. The studio is yours when you're with us. The whole studio. We want you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the session. Pop in to the prop room and help yourselves to a nice Nespresso coffee, a cup of tea or maybe a glass of squash and a Pain au Chocolate. Chill on the sofa, and take in the whole experience. We want you to look back on your session with fond memories - in addition to loving your images.

4. Newborn Safety. Our TOP priority. Over anything else! We are trained in soothing and posing your baby properly. We keep a constant temperature in the studio. We ensure that your baby is comfortable at all times. There will always be a minimum of two of us working on a newborn session to ensure that your baby is well looked after, as you sit back and watch the whole process.

5. Access to all of our props and accessories, so you don't need to bring anything other than yourselves, the baby and milk/boob.

6. A cinematic viewing appointment, where you will get to see your images for the first time. At this appointment you will be able to select your images for purchase - perhaps you will take advantage of our room view feature so that we can show you exactly how your wall art will look in your home. We will guide you through all of our products with expert knowledge to help you make the best decision for your home with absolutely no pressure. Which leads me to the next point...

7. Access to the finest products available to the professional market. We don't offer just loose prints. We don't offer just digital files. Our product line encompasses the most exquisite products available to us. We're talking gallery quality, handcrafted gorgeousness.

Something that you will be proud to hang on your walls for generations. Something your baby will ask to look through time and time again as they get older. Real heirlooms.

8. 0% finance. We understand that stunning products are an investment. We help make your dreams a reality.

9. A no 'slap-dash' edit policy. Every single image you purchase is hand retouched for print. Dry flaky skin, blemishes, redness, jaundice are all typical of newborns. Additionally, we aim to make you, as the parents look your best too. A. single image can take anything up to an hour (sometimes more) to retouch. But, we strive for perfection. We're not a production line.

10. A highly skilled, and qualified multi award winning specialist photographer. What a mouthful!

We have invested years and more money than we care to add up getting to the position we are today. It has not come without incredible challenges, lots of tears, and even more sweat. To date, I think we're pretty good on the blood front though. *touch wood*

Jordan is one of the most qualified newborn photographers in the UK - I won't go in to great detail here, but just head to the awards page of our website if you're interested in reading about our qualifications and awards.

11. Finally - insane customer service. We LOVE our customers, and we know we wouldn't be here without them. We get to know each of our clients on a personal level - nobody is just a number. We don't shoot tens of sessions per month, because if we did, we couldn't maintain our incredibly high standards. What we love the most, is seeing our clients return to us with each special milestone - when their family grows or their baby turns one! Our clients are what we call part of the 'Amplified Family' and we really look forward to catching up with them.

Which leads me on to the Restaurant Analogy.

I'm guessing those who don't book us, take that decision solely based on price (generally that's what we're told). We've even had people come and tell us that they wish they had booked us, and regretted going elsewhere, but that's another story for another day.

Are we cheap? HELL NO!

Nor do we want to be.

Why? To reduce our costs, would mean we would have to reduce our level of customer care, the time spent with our clients, the quality of our products and we'd have to become high volume. Thus, impacting the overall quality of our images and our work.

Get to the point....

Take a fast food chain, for example.

Little customer-staff interaction, high volume, and the food is cooked by 'unskilled' staff (by that, I mean they don't have to be qualified chefs). Large portions, pretty standard.

Not an experience you remember, because it's not special. You'll be there again next week.

The Michelin Star

You spend hours in that restaurant. The food is exceptional. Small portions, but the quality is phenomenal. You savour each bite. The food is cooked by the finest trained chef that the restaurant can hire. The serving staff are trained, and qualified in front of house and silver service. They are incredibly attentive and the whole atmosphere and experience is memorable.

Not a regular visit, but reserved for important occasions/milestones.

There are 'fast food' photographers and there are 'Michelin star' photographers. Both have their place, depending on your needs and requirements. Chances are you'll use both at some point. Just remember, like with restaurants you get what you pay for.

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