The Newborn Session Experience - Amplified Studio

When booking a newborn portrait experience, not many people actually know what to expect - and even if they have previously had a newborn session elsewhere or have attended somewhere with a friend/family member it's important to remember that all studio's are different.

We strongly believe as new and expectant parents, that it's so important to research properly who you select to handle your precious newborn. Not only do you need confidence in your photographer and their studio but, you also need to feel comfortable!

This is a one time opportunity, and isn't something you can recreate if you're not happy with the outcome first time around.

Our studio is designed and set up specifically for newborn and baby portraiture, with all the facilities required to hand - including a comfortable seating area, a perfect prep machine, a brestfeeding pillow, and a changing area. Plus, we look after our new parents (and siblings) too with our refreshment area filled with breakfast items, tea/coffee facilities and squash - there's also a biccie tin right next to the seating area in the newborn studio. As newborn sessions can last anything from 2-4 hours, we want to ensure that our studio is welcoming and that for the duration of your time with us you feel completely at ease - as if you're at home. We encourage you to kick of your shoes, sit back and enjoy your time with us.

We do have some guidance that we ask all of our clients to read and follow in preparation for their session, and this gives us the best opportunity of having a successful session. The main thing we ask is that parents time baby's feed so that once you arrive at the studio baby is ready to eat. Filling their tummy right before we begin aids in getting baby to sleep, and the sucking motion also helps to relax them in to our environment. Once baby has had their feed, we completely take over so that parents can enjoy observing the session. We will soothe and pose baby, working at their pace completely to ensure that they are safe and comfortable at all times. We constantly monitor the room temperature and continually check baby for any signs of overheating/underheating/circulation. This is so important as these are little things that newborns cannot control or regulate themselves just yet, likewise hygiene is another top priority with all fabrics and props being washed and wiped down after each session!

As a low volume, boutique studio we will only book one newborn session in our diary per day - not only that but our bookings are limited to 10 per month so that we have plenty of flexibility in our diary around when baby arrives. There is no rush whatsoever for us to move on for the next appointment - we can take our time working through a variety of poses and props to create a wondefully varied gallery for you to select from. It's so important to us that we take our time and that our sessions can be completely led by baby. After all, newborns will pick up any negative vibes or anxiousness and by creating a relaxed, rush-free environment with white noise playing in the background we are far more likely to create gorgeous images of your baby. We also prioritise privacy, and dedicate the entire first floor of the studio to one appointment - meaning clients are free to walk around to stretch their legs, nip to the loo or grab a drink and a snack. There are no rules about eating and drinking in the studio - you're even free to order in a pizza if you wish!

Your experience with us at the studio is something we strongly believe should be an enjoyable one. After all, when you look at your images you will always remember the day they were taken!

Once the session is complete, we will arrange your reveal and ordering appointment where you will get to view your images for the first time and we can assist you in putting together a bespoke order - unique to you.

For more information on our newborn sessions CLICK HERE.

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