Debating booking a newborn session?

It's no secret that professional specialist newborn portraiture is a big investment.

I'm sure some people think when looking at our pricing that we must live in a big detached house, wear designer clothes and drive a brand new car... if only that were true.

The reality is, most specialist newborn photography studios are small businesses run by local people just trying to make a comfortable living. What we do really is a labour of love. We pour time, care, attention to detail and precision in to our images to provide our clients with portraiture that will last generations. We want you to look at your images with the same love in 20 years time as you did the day you collected your final products from the studio.

If we see a client from some years ago out in public, we'll remember them because we get to know everyone on a personal level.

We are extremely aware of how competitive the photography industry has become over the past few years. Many people pick up a camera for the first time, with no idea how to work it manually and no training, thinking that they can make easy money from this. It's had a profound effect on photography studio's all over the country just because 'Betty' has bought a dSLR and is offering 'all images on a disc for £X' from a shoot she did in her front room. Sadly, this has devalued photography an incredible amount meaning that studios are still charging today the same price as was being charged 20 years ago!

We want to constantly re-invest in our training, ensuring that we are working safely and creating an ideal environment which is suitable for newborns and new parents. We want to refresh and renew our props and accessories and provide the best service and products available. The newborn stage is so important, and is a one time opportunity - much like your wedding!

We hear all the time from our clients how their friends didn't bother investing in professional newborn portraiture (or who didn't go to a professional specialist studio) and regretted it afterwards. We've had clients come to us for a sitter or cake smash, and say the same thing themselves. This is not the opportunity that you ever get to re-create.

Once that stage has gone, it has been missed and you cannot ever go back again.

It is so important to do your research - look at qualifications, awards, recognition etc...

Like anything else in life, you get exactly what you pay for.

So what are you getting for your money with Amplified Studio?

- Your session taking place in a professional studio, which is set up and heated specifically for newborns and babies,

- A highly qualified specialist newborn photographer with many accolades and awards specific to newborn portraiture,

- A newborn posing expert, who specifically has the knowledge to pose and position your baby safely and comfortably - so as parents you can sit back and relax,

- Use of gorgeous fabrics, and props which have been specially selected for our studio,

- A bespoke service where clients select colour schemes, props etc...

- A completely relaxed environment, where the session is completely led by baby. Four hours is the standard time allocated for a newborn session,

- Careful selection of your images, and preparation for the reveal appointment,

- A screening of your images in our comfortable viewing room,

- Help and guidance to select the best products to fit your home and budget,

- Careful retouching of each image, ensuring each one is up to our high standard (up to 1 hour per purchased image),

- Ordering of your bespoke products with our award winning suppliers using only archival fine art papers and inks,

- Quality check of your products when they arrive back in the studio to ensure that our high standards are met.

Our clients typically invest anything from £250-£2000 on products for their home; which may sound expensive but honestly, for archival fine art products which have a lifetime guarantee - we think that they are priced pretty well.

How would you feel walking past a gorgeous wall art piece of your newborn baby in 10 years time? Or getting out your bespoke portrait box and viewing your images with your family?

We'd bet good money, that years from now you will appreciate the service and tangible products presented to you much more than you would a USB or disc that will someday corrupt leaving your memories lost forever.

Think of it this way;

When your newborn has grown up and become an adult, what will you appreciate more;

The expensive designer pram which you spent £1000 on (and has long gone), or the wall art and stunning portraits of your baby (which still grace your wall and home)?

Don't forget to pre-book if you're hoping to secure a session - booking during pregnancy is highly recommended as this is the only way to guarantee a space in our diary.

Occasionally we have last minute availability if one of our pre-booked clients goes overdue.

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