Specialist newborn photographers - are they worth the investment?

Honestly, only you as the client can decide if you value newborn portraiture enough to make the investment.

Yes, it's a luxury.

No, not everybody values professional portraiture in the same way - what some people consider ridiculously expensive, others see the core value and the worth in what they are paying for.

If there is something we have learned along our journey so far, is that household income has absolutely no standing whatsoever on whether someone will book in with us or not. Our clients are the best, they are all amazing (not that we are biased or anything) and they all come from different backgrounds. From minimum wage workers, to skilled workers, to beauticians, to nurses, midwives, teachers, military, police, doctors, solicitors and business owners. What makes each and every one of our clients special is that they see the true value of real professional specialist portraiture and have a love for quality products that will last for generations.

Some people would rather spend £100 on a pair of shoes, £500 on a bag or save up for a £1000 fancy pram, or a £3000 holiday than invest £250-£1500 on photography that will last generations. That's absolutely fine. There are things that we don't see the value in, and others do - their target market is just different.

But what's different about a specialist?

We often have enquiries about pet portraits, family photography etc... The truth is it's not our specialist area. Our studio focuses on small humans.

The thing is, newborn photography in particular is unlike any other genre - it takes specialist training and knowledge to specialise in this field. When new parents come to us with their brand new baby, there is an expectation that we know exactly how to handle and pose their baby in a way that is safe and comfortable. They are absolutely right to expect this!

In the same way that you would see a cardiologist for your heart, a gas engineer for your boiler, a conveyancing solicitor for a house move - these are professionals you trust with specific jobs.

There are handymen who do a little of everything, but for that more specific job a specialist is the best option.

Then it comes down to the products offered. Will the products offered suit your requirements?

If you're happy with standard loose prints, then we're probably not your best choice.

As a specialist studio, we offer specialist products.

All of our wall art is gallery quality, bespoke and ready to hang.

Even our desktop products are bespoke, using the finest quality papers.

If you're looking for exceptional wall art, and stunning smaller products to show off your little ones then you're in the right place.

As for if it's worth the investment - for the specialist knowledge and knowing your baby is in safe hands in a professional studio and the quality of the end results, we absolutely think so.

But, if you don't value portraiture in the same way we do then of course, you're entitled to disagree.

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