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Would you put your baby at risk for the sake of a photo shoot?

Of course any parents instinctive reaction to this question is 'NO'.

However, unfortunately as newborn portraiture has become more and more popular over the last few years there has been a rise of professional and amateur photographers offering newborn photography to the public, without the correct knowledge or training.

Newborn babies are delicate, and have needs that are very different to those of an adult, an older baby, a child or a pet. This is not something to be taken lightly - and without the correct knowledge or training, the photographer could be (unintentionally) putting your baby at risk!

Working in the industry for over 4 years, we have seen and heard of awful horror stories involving newborn babies getting seriously injured because the photographer has had no training or experience in working with newborns and have attempted poses and props incorrectly and dangerously.

Our photographer, Jordan is a specialist newborn photographer - and is one of the most highly qualified photographers in the UK specialising in newborn portraiture. For more information on his qualifications and awards, head to our website!

I work alongside Jordan on every single newborn session, making sure that the baby we are working with is safe and comfortable at all times. It also means that I am just inches away from your little one, and my eyes are focused on them solely at all times (even when they are posed on a huge beanbag). Our priority is making sure that your baby is 100% safe at all times, while ensuring that you (as parents) can sit back and relax while watching us work.

We have spent years and thousands of pounds investing in our business and our training to ensure that we are confident in handling babies safely and in producing quality images.

Some of the things we consider;

1. Room temperature - newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature so we have to ensure that they are kept nice and warm.

2. Hygiene - everything must be fresh and clean for each session.

3. Was baby born via assisted delivery or c-section, or were they breech?

4. Were there any complications during delivery that could impact on how baby can be posed?

5. How baby's arms and legs look during the session, is their circulation good?

6. What props and poses require compositing.


Compositing is where more than one image is taken, and in post production they are merged together - removing any unwanted items within the image (hands). This allows us to hold your baby the entire time. No baby should be balanced supporting their own weight, or overhanging a prop.

So many times we have seen behind the scenes images or videos, where the baby is left in a prop unsupported with nobody anywhere near them! This is unacceptable and dangerous.

What happens if that is your baby, and he/she rolls off the prop?

A newborn baby has a stark morro reflex - it's a survival instinct - but a jump that big when they are balancing on a prop will result in an injury.

Newborn portraiture is gorgeous, and it's such an important time to capture as they don't stay small for very long at all. But, please research your photographer before booking. You really do get what you pay for.

Our diary is open for bookings for newborns due April 2018 - October 2018.

Contact us for more information.

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